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When you shop, we donate.
When you shop, we donate.
How long have you been involved with Save the Children and why did you want to get involved?

I started working with Save the Children in 2015 because making sure kids in the U.S. have access to quality early education is important to me. Investing in early education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty in this country and lay the necessary foundation for all kids to succeed in school and in life, but especially for those growing up poor in rural America.

It may sound like a cliché but in truth, children are our future.
They will correct the mistakes we make and raise their own
children by the examples we set for them. We have to give them
the opportunities and tools they need to succeed to ensure
a better future for everyone!

“In the last 100 years, Save the Children has helped more than 1 billion children. That’s billion – with a ‘b!’ I am proud to support an organization that speaks up for children who can’t speak for themselves and provides vital assistance to families in need around the world, including right here in the U.S.”

Can you describe some of the other activities you’ve done with Save the Children?

In my role as a Save the Children Ambassador, I’ve met with congressional leadership in Washington D.C. alongside Save the Children and their youth advocates to push for legislation supporting early childhood education programs in the U.S. and to provide a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.

One of my favorite ways to support Save the Children is by visiting their programs all over the United States. In Kentucky and California, I was invited into the homes of families with kids under 3 years old as part of Save the Children’s Early Steps to School Success, which gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to become their child’s first teacher so they are prepared to enter school. In Mississippi, I visited a school and read my favorite children’s books to preschoolers supported by Save the Children’s child sponsorship program.

What advice would you give to young women today?

Look for inspiration everywhere, especially in each other. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by many strong and powerful women in my life, but we all need a little reminder to stay focused and inspired. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are empowered and empowered women do incredible things. Girls around the world – because of who they are or where they’re born – face unique challenges and are more likely to miss out on childhood. Every girl deserves to follow her dreams, no matter where she comes from or what her circumstances are.

Why do you think it’s important to give back to those less fortunate?

I believe that even a small act of kindness or generosity can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. I am so honored to be a part of an organization like Save the Children, that sets ambitious goals and achieves lasting results for children and families in the U.S. and all over the world.

“Every time I visit one of Save the Children’s programs I am inspired by all of the people I meet – from the parents and caregivers who want the best for their children to the teachers and staff who dedicate their lives to ensuring that every one of these kids is ready and excited to learn.”